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Port Forwarding Help

Port Forwarding is really useful for home users. I wanted ports forwarded through my router to improve my utorrent/p2p connection and allow remote desktop sessions from locations outside my LAN (ie anywhere on the internet).

I had been struggling to set up my router; I had found useful information on portforward.com and was considering using the PFconfig application which they sell for $29.95, however I had read several reviews and although the software seems OK the backup support (for if the software cannot solve your problem) was reviewed as poor.

From a comment I read on a review I found a link to PCWinTech who offer a free tool which does basically the same as PFconfig. I downloaded the tool and followed the steps and still no forwarded ports :(

I noticed that the forums were active, and that Shane (the forum admin) was offering one-on-one help for free. I dropped a note in the forum, and the very same day Shane contacted me to help fix the problem. We spoke first on the forum, and then by MSN. Shane directed me to download teamviewer and took control of my computer whilst I watched. Shane logged in to the router and located the problem; the router firewall was blocking traffic from the internet to my LAN.

Shane asked for nothing in return for his help; I would like to say a big thanks to him, and to his wife who wanted him to go to bed as it was 11pm!


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